About Measure V

Measure V Will Make Room for Us

As San Jose grows and becomes more expensive, too many hardworking, middle-class families are being forced out of the city they love. There needs to be space here for middle class people – from the police officer and firefighter to the teacher, nurse, accountant or mechanic. We don’t want to be a city of just the very rich and very poor. We need to make room for the middle class too. That’s why we need Measure V.

By providing affordable housing for working families, veterans, seniors, teachers, nurses, and paramedics, Measure V will make room for us so we can afford to live in San Jose without having to choose between rent, food, medicine and other basic necessities. It will help keep our children, friends, family and community members right where they belong – here in San Jose.

It will also help homeless residents find safe and stable housing, saving taxpayers $19,282 per person in public services annually. We need to help chronically homeless residents get off local streets, underpasses and creeks, both to address public health, safety, pollution and public nuisances; and because it is simply the right thing to do.

Measure V will also magnify our investment by leveraging new sources of state and private funds. And it includes strong oversight of how every dollar is spent, including mandatory audits and full public review to ensure every cent goes towards meaningful housing solutions.

Join thousands of San Jose residents in saying Yes on Measure V.