Jessica Nuñez

“I was born and raised in San José and I’ve been a nurse for 20 years. I love working with my patients and working in the city I grew up in — the same city I raised my daughters in. But it’s clear things are changing fast.

The housing crisis is making it harder and harder for nurses to live in San José. Many new nurses struggle to make ends meet and some have to commute from far away to get to their jobs. I’m afraid of what that means to our community when new nurses can’t afford to starttheir careers here. San José can’t succeed without its nurses, caregivers, teachers, mechanics, carpenters and so many others who really make our city work.

The sad reality for me is that my daughters will have a hard time raising their own families in San José — one has already had to leave. Measure V will keep families together and strengthen our community. For the health of my patients and the future of so many hard-working families like mine, I urge you to vote yes on Measure V. Not just for yourself, but for the sake of our children and their children.”