The Faces of Measure V

Nick Wilson

“San Jose used to be a place where the American Dream was thriving. It’s what attracted my parents to this city.

Growing up, we used to ride our bikes up and down the block, play hide- and-go-seek and walk to school together. But as San Jose has grown, it has also gotten more expensive, and many of my family and friends have had to leave because of the cost of housing.

I make a decent living as an electrical foreman, but even with my fiancée’s income, buying a house in San Jose is just out of the question for middle-class families like us.

It’s not fair that two hardworking people can’t afford one decent place to live. We don’t want a city where there’s no room for police officers, firefighters, nurses or electricians.

We need to keep the American Dream alive—Measure V will help make room for everybody.”